Keep Your Eyes On The Shiny Baubles While We Distract You From The Truth

It’s like magic. Now you see it, now you don’t. Perception is truly in the eyes of the beholder, or the ones feeding the distractions to make everyone look away form the truth. What truth you say? There is rioting in the streets, a pandemic that leads masses to the slaughter and a blinding ignorance for the rest of humanity that believes they can see through the veiled curtain of deception to only present one side of the story to strike fear and hatred into the minds of the willing. How can this be? How did we come to this? Even with all of the touted revelations published, the masses ignore the truly eventful.

Giant Killer Wasps! Proof of Aliens! World War III! Global Warming! COVID-19! Black Lives Matter! Blue Lives Matter! All Lives Matter! No Lives Matter!

Pain. Suffering. Devastation. Destruction. Isolation. Contamination. Salvation. You choose, or better yet, let the media choose for you so you don’t have to. If you think the mainstream news channels are the evil incarnate then you truly are missing the bigger picture. Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSN, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, Cox Media, Fox Media, Spectrum, Verizon, Intel, IBM, the list goes on… but maybe more importantly were missing the every day distractions that have become ingrained into our daily lives that we don’t believe that are directing our lives to the point of revolution.

Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube and the hundreds of thousands of digital media platforms that push real, fake and twisted news, situations and altered reality that it is nearly impossible to believe what is real. Deep fake, Photoshop and multiple forms of manipulation in the hands of talented and skilled deviants can truly alter the world and change the perception of nearly anyone’s reality. It happens every day, hundreds if not thousands of times a day and is pushed by the masses who seemingly believe that the reality in front of them is the reality that shapes their world and the world around them.

Confused? You should be! Take any media post and check the validity. For a small example… Not saying the the novel corona virus is not real and COVID-19 that literally shut down the world is not in fact the vicious flesh eating zombie creating parasite predicted in hundreds of science fiction and fantasy for generations. But consider attributing numbers that have mysteriously disappeared. Merely one year ago, there was a national statistic on how many people died every day from every possible disease, fatality, mishap, mistake and diagnosis, but now those numbers don’t exist. Search for yourself and find the 100,000 COVID-19 fatalities and how many people died last year without a pandemic? How many deaths are attributed to the COVID-19 outbreak compared to how many just died but were blamed on the pandemic. Even the WHO cannot justify the transmission and connection that (some say) was much too late and no matter where it originated (Wuhan, China) was not intentional to contain a swelling uprising in Hong Kong, China.

Oppress. Suppress. Contain. Restrain. Take over and dominate with the fear of death and personal injury to the yourself and loved ones. Great fear and destruction pushing the daily limits of the mind as forces manipulate and control the intention of perception that becomes reality. What do you really know? What is really real?

As you make a choice, take a stand, push your power to the masses to influence the world around you, make sure you understand the consequences of the actions taken and the path that change can bring. Not just for those who believe, but for those who do not believe and those who refuse to believe. A fight is not a fight unless opposition meets confrontation and resolution to the solution cannot be accepted. Only then does humanity revolt to defend the beliefs that they have been taught to see as real. Even the choice to not choose is a choice and the choice to believe is only to believe what you believe is right.

Remember that history is made up of winners and although some of the losers are remembered, it is the winner who writes the history and controls the future. Too many times have he winners been the force of evil that dominate, manipulate and control the masses to believe that truth, no matter how is told, is a lie to another. If you cannot see the past you cannot live the future. If you cannot live the future, you are doomed to live the past. A paradox for all to believe is real and for some to understand.

Stand for what you believe, but believe that what you stand for is worth fighting for and willing to kill and die for. The transition from understanding to acceptance to complacency lends to the destruction of everything that can be. Without understanding the possibilities of what might be, what could be, what should be and what should never be is still subject to the beliefs that have been fed to the masses. Believe what you will, but understand that what you believe may not be the reality to many of those who cannot, will not or should not see through the eyes of another.

Societies are destroyed from within. Believing the perceptions of what is being told is the first misconception in the twisting of reality. Agree that you do not know. Agree that you do not understand. Agree that you do not agree. Agree that you also have been one that believes that what you see is real and what yo believe is the truth. This only proves that ignorance is greater than the world around you and that standing for something is also standing for nothing. What really matters? Who really cares? Who will you believe? What is the truth?

USA COVID-19: Panic buying to Shit Themselves

What happens when the world pandemic happens? Americans raise the bar for panic buying. Ironic? No. Stupid… Not if you want to set the example for the world that Americans are shitting themselves over the news.

Amazing that with all of the problems around the world that the one thing Americans believe they need in a time of crisis is soft, pillow-like clouds to wipe the stinky leftovers away. And lots of it… So much so that outages and shortages are the new standard. Even weeks after the news of the COVID-19 panic reached the US, solid citizens are still panic buying and keeping all of the goods to themselves. WE’re not just talking toilet paper here, we’re talking about essentials for some and necessities for others. Sure, sp we need 15 bags of potato chips and 30 boxes of cookies? Maybe for a family of 10 with diabetes, but not your average person. Okay… maybe stress buying leads you to get an extra bag of extra-crunchy fat laden shaved potatoes, but really? How much do you really need.

Some stores have gone as far as NOT accepting returns on items bought during panic buying frenzies. Well done! We can see it now…. “No ma’am, we cannot take back your expired double stuffed wafer cookies and 40 lbs of premium chicken breast because you can’t eat it fast enough…. poor people are still starving while you let your meat rot.” NO WONDER YOU NEED ALL THAT TOILET PAPER!

It never ceases to amaze how the mentality of the collective world turns to idiotic mayhem when implied panic grips the nation. Again, we spoke of this months ago and it is interesting to see just how the world is changing because of it. Who knows what is next…. when the next pandemic hits, who knows what will be the first choice for personal salvation… DEPENDS.

Pandemic Election Scares Liberals and Socialists

We all knew it was coming… we saw it written in the yellow snow! (BTW- don’t eat the yellow snow) The USA has another monumental election in 2020 and those who oppose the conservative right wing political machine (1/2 of the country) believe socialism, free healthcare and education for all will solve the world problems and make America Great Again (even though the slogan is from the other side). Millennials and the new Wannabe Generation that gloats a Greta Thunburg is the new climate change guru and Bernie Sanders IS the right person to lead the young people to a world of equality and sameness that puts everyone on the same field at the same time.

Do we not see that the problem with this is? DO we not see how sameness and equality diminishes the possibility of success and failure. Get real. Are we all the same? Hell no. Are we all equal? What are you nuts? Do you not believe that some people are smarter than others and that some people actually deserve their i;;-chosen lot in life? Can every middle-class high school drop-out become a millionaire? Sounds like a great idea, but be realistic and stop smelling the roses… it’s not going to happen no matter who you elect into power. Power corrupts and if it does not, it leaves those with the power more in control over those who have no clue as to how the real world works.

Can real change happen? Sure it can… but if you truly believe that one person can be the salvation of mankind, go ask the Christians how that worked out… or maybe the Jews… hell… even check in with the Muslims who still struggle to be understood after hundreds of years. So what is the solution? Unfortunately maybe we should ask the conspiracy theorists who question the validity of Elvis, Aliens, JFK, 9/11 and pyramids in the Antarctic. Real? Fake? Or just a ruse to distract us from every day life and the craziness we’re not really supposed to see.

The tipping point for politics and for the pandemic are just around the corner. Are the fears of complete inhalation worse than anything that can be muddled together as sameness? Everybody is equal… everybody dies… everybody breathes air and has to eat (even if you have no food), so what is the answer. Politicians will promise the world or offer pieces of the world that pander to the crowds of worshipers that can put votes in election boxes or a chicken in every pot. It’s embarrassing that even somewhat intelligent people can be twisted to think differently because they “think” it can have a benefit for them or their cause. Is any deed truly selfless? Do you not get satisfaction in providing help to the homeless or donating to a cause that is thousands of miles away because a teary-eyed wannabe can drum up enough support to become the fleeting moment of popularity. GO FUND ME some free money with a great scam that everyone might believe – and if you question the reality or honesty or credibility then maybe they will change their minds and disappear with the cash and hide form the masses on their newly christened yacht and isolated mountain retreat.

We can only hope! Unfortunately in the realm of reality, everyone else still has to get up for work, pay the bills and get on with life while panicking over whether the end of the world is really coming, if the Corona virus is real and if the President is going to blow up the universe with nuclear weapons because it “seemed like a good idea at the time”. WE guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this pans out… again.


Wuhan virus outside China – SARS is Back!

It’s happening again! This time instead of Canada and the SARS scare of the early part of the 21st Century, it’s China, it’s in humans and it’s contagious and can be spread between humans. It has now spread to Thailand and Japan. The sky is falling… much like the Ebola Virus scare in Africa, this thing has gone (pardon the pun) viral!

SARS Outbreak

This is serious. No matter where you live, the threat of bacterial infection and contagious disease spread from one country to another through human contact has been the thing B-Movies have been made of for years. “Outbreak”, “Contagion”, “Apocalypse Now”…. no, wait…not that one. But it’s true. The simple story of someone visiting a third world country on vacation comes home with a cold that then turns out to be an incurable disease that eats flesh and rots the body from the inside. The Coronavirus as it is technically being called has started small with a mere 41 reported infections. Is that a world health crisis? Not quite. Is it something to be concerned about? Yes. Is it the end of the world as we know it? We’re about to find out.

There are rumors that China has hidden the ‘REAL’ outbreak numbers and could technically hide actual numbers of infections without the world knowing the truth. That certainly wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened, but now the cat is virtually out of the bag, it will be harder to explain away the minimalist reality of how this could impact everyday life and travel around the world. Once this becomes the topic of the World Health Organization (WHO) as it now has, concerns have to be addressed by scientists and novice experimentalists trying to understand how disease and infection can change the human landscape in the days, months and years to come. Here we go!

Maybe the rumors will be dispelled as they were with Ebola in the past and contain the outbreak to a small sector of humanity, but it is too early to tell. Are we looking at the Zombie Apocalypse? Are we all going to die? YES! Eventually… but in the short term, we have to get on with our lives and pretend like this is not affecting any of us until it really does affect us. If you believe the Doomsday Preachers and End of Days Revolutionists then it’s all predicted and part of a bigger plan for the world to fall into decay and no one will survive. After all, isn’t that why the government has spent billions to get into space where the end will not affect those as they watch from far above? Could be… We’re just sayin’….

Who owns the music? Beats, Clips, Samples, Oh My!

It’s becoming more and more to the forefront… who owns the music… who owns the beat, the riff, the groove? Problem is, now it is getting real! Who recorded it first? Who has the rights? Who is the right person we can contribute and make them believe that we have and are the greatest thing that has ever happened to the life of human existence. Not us… but there is something that needs to be addressed… the real contribution to music and We’re not saying just beats, but real music…. now don’t get offended…..

ALMOST ALL of Modern Popular Music (Hip-Hop & Pop) is sampled. Surprise! Sure, there may be session musicians who are used to fill a void or enhance the machine sounding drones of synth and sampled recordings, but the majority of the sounds heard are not original or unique. If you believe they are, then maybe you’re hearing the different variations of the sounds that have already been created and not listening to the structure of the composition, Even vocals from your favorite singes are polished through AutoTune or another device that flavors the pitch, timber and resonance. Sure, maybe the words and rhymes themselves are the defining characteristic of the composition, but even some of them bend toward trite or words that spark outrage or emotion based on the words themselves and not the poetic resonance of the context.

This is not to say that real music isn’t being created in every part of the word, but it is true that the popularity of chart topping and earbud streams that turn tattoo faced wannabes into multimillionaires. How many other beat stealing, chord ripping and and tone robbing “so called” artists will get the next praise of the critics or “originality” when the majority of what is being created is not original or creative.

It’s unfortunate that sometimes the only real music these days can be heard in clubs and small venues that feature real people playing real instruments together. Sure…. we get it… samples and computers have taken over the world and times must change, and ever since the synthesizer’s invention samples have been added to music, but with purpose.

And yes… the world has to contend with the generations that follow the masses and choose to pander to the rhythmic reproduction of innovation so much so they cannot discern the truth from the sampled reproduction. It is true. Maybe it is a bit of nostalgia or the deep needed desire to crank the amp to 11 and blow away the masses with walls of Marshall stack amps… maybe it is the true vocal patterns of singers and not the over produced and washed drones in perfect pitch that long for the days of broken vocals and wavering voices made the nuances seem more real. Whatever may come, be prepared for the next wave of lawsuits claiming the hottest chart toppers stole the beats and rhythms from some underpaid struggling musician who without help could never be able to sue the dozens of lawyers backing the hit makers. No wonder … no wonder.

Iran – Iran So Far Away

Well… unless you’re from the 80’s or nostalgic for that time, the title doesn’t make much sense. But in today’s political turmoil, it makes sense to being it back to the forefront. Does it make sense to make fun of a country that has potentially the nuclear capability to destroy its neighbors and send the world into chaos? Sure. So let’s delve into a few of the crazy Iranian history lessons with the United States and around the Middle East that have led us to the predicament we are in today.

Over thousands of years the tension in the mid eastern countries has gone on from barbaric and torturous to monumental and spiritual. Run forward another thousand years an get your history from Lawrence of Arabia, then maybe you can see where the in-fighting and tribalism came from until the white imperialists stuck their nose into their world and wanted to take over, divide and section off years of history and somewhat misunderstood confusion.

So how did we get here? Greed? Power? Oil? Gold? Money and Power… all of the above. Oh, yea… forgetting religious and world domination…. NOT!

Whether you call it a HOLY WAR or WWIII, it shouldn’t really matter. Idealists and imperialists set on world domination through deception, lies, torture and covert operations in countries around the world with the intent to destroy those who disagree with their ideology is the basis for what this is all about. And don’t think We’re only talking bout one side of the fence here… its’ every side. Think about that for a minute… every side. Do you really think fences only have 2 sides? Sure, we get it… one side keeping the other side out or able to go to the other side, but there is truly more to it than most everyone sees.

U.S. Defense Secretary: We expect Iran ‘will retaliate’

And they do… rockets flying in the dark of night… bombs exploding in plain sight… death and destruction from glorious intention. What is the next fight that can bring the brink of destruction to the forefront of everyone’s lips? Maybe IMPEACHMENT? Why not? Squirrels! If you’re not looking in the right direction than you are looking at the only distraction that feeds the curiosity of deception and enlightenment. How much more can you take? I know we’re looking forward toward the impending distractions… can’t wait.

What The Hell? Someone Out There Doesn’t Like You!

It’s going on 10 years and you would think we would have learned out lesson a few times ago… For months the website has been down because of reasons that can only be explained as intentional dismantling of the posts meant to bring enlightenment and opinion to the world. Yes… we we’re hacked again! This was the 4th time in 10 years that words have been removed and although no “Hate Speech” was intended or intentionally published (only portions of the truth), some have decided to jump on the attack and spread the filth of denial. So again we have decided to move servers, find new providers and give it a shot again. This time we’re watching you and we know who you are, where you live and they will find you…. Just be warned… the dark web is a scary place and with the help of internet goons who know your every move, you may be concerned. Then again, maybe not. You never know.

Don’t think for one minute that someone doesn’t know everything about you and what you do. Why are there so many homeless living off the grid? Is it to avoid being caught on the online world that dominates the very fiber of today’s existence? Maybe if you took a moment to look into the eyes of deception and understand that the world around you doesn’t really revolve around you, it might be possible to understand the rantings of a lunatic that decides to publish dribble online and spend every waking hour updating their digital lifestyle with even more frivolous content to suck you into their demented world. Just a thought.

So now we move on again. We keep moving forward, pushing the envelope of tradition and exercising the right to prove no one really knows what the hell they are doing. Including us! So now we start. Rantings and ravings that mean nothing to some and everything to others. Deep and insightful delving of misconceptions and misdirection on topics that leave a blind spot on the existence of human society.

You’re welcome! You’re welcome to post, comment and rant as well. There are some restrictions but if you don’t know what they are you will find out as you go along and we build this again. Take your time… relax… bend your mentality into where it may have never been and understand that not everything you read on the internet is what you should believe or even comprehend. Get over it. It is going to happen to you – so keep an eye on your wallet and the other (if you have two eyes) on the direction your’e not going. Maybe you can actually learn something.