#BlackLivesMatter Protests Spur Violence And Prejudice As Election Nears

You know we had to say something… #BlackLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter, #AllFliesMatter – you get the picture. What started as a protest movement (although questions arise if it was intended as peaceful), the #LivesMatter movement is reaching across the pond and around the world. The white supremacists and are calling the movement racist and the #BlackLivesMatter (Black Panther Movement) are calling it bigoted and hate speech. Let’s get a few things strait…

Why does it matter? The ‘movement’ started because a black man was shot by white police officers. Black is now the new “African-American”! Wait… isn’t it politically incorrect to say Black? Oh, that’s only true unless you are Black. When racial injustice rears it’s ugly head, it’s okay to call yourself anything you want. White people can’t call anyone (no matter their color) the “N” word, but yet it’s glorified in RAP songs and video because it’s okay among those who embrace the ideology of a race. Throw the words SPIC, KIKE, CHINK, DOT, FEATHER, HONKY or any other potentially slanderous word into the mix and someone throws up their arms, paints a sign and takes to the streets to block traffic and destroy businesses of hard working AMERICANS!

That’s right. Unless you are in the United States illegally, you are a citizen. Your personal right, duty and obligation is to be a CITIZEN of this country. it doesn’t matter if you are purple, yellow, pink or green – the color of your skin should not matter, but it does to everyone who is against being a CITIZEN. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have an opinion, that you cannot express your opinion or take to the streets to express your rights 0 it does mean that everyone is first a human, then a person and then a citizen.

So the whole movement is because a black African-American man was shot by police, but do you know the facts? Do you know how many people are shot every day? Do you know how many are shot EVERY DAY by police? Before you decide to join a movement that promotes violence and racial hatred, maybe you should look at the whole picture, not just your little slice of the world and find out the truth. “You can’t handle the truth!”

Every Day on Average (all ages) People in the United States Killed by Gun Violence

Every day, 306 people in America are shot in murders, assaults, suicides & suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, and police intervention.

Every day, 90 people die from gun violence:

  • 31 are murdered
  • 56 kill themselves
  • 2 are killed unintentionally
  • 1 is killed by police intervention
  • 1 intent unknown.

Every day, 216 people are shot and survive:

  • 159 shot in an assault
  • 11 survive a suicide attempt
  • 43 are shot unintentionally
  • 3 are shot in a police intervention


The main stream media and social media jump on a bandwagon that doesn’t show the full picture. Sure, we sympathize with the families of the innocently deceased, but black killings are not the only ones. The right to bear arms and peacefully protest doesn’t seem to exist when #BlackLivesMatter activists get together – it’s more like the right to disrupt and destroy. If you choose to be part of of any movement, choose one that promotes your right to be a citizen of the United States with the rights and respect due to others. And, if you’re just a mean and hateful bastard who wishes to inflict pain and suffering on others because your life sucks, deal with it – everybody else does. Shit Happens!

Now go vote!

The attacks keep coming from both sides of the fences – R vs D

You know, it’s been almost a year ago since we posted the headline “Trump: Crazy or Crazy Like a Fox” which may have been the beginning of the end for why www.CruelWord.com was hacked and smashed into thousands of pieces. Sure, we post almost anonymously and spill the dirt on everything from 9/11 conspiracies to botched assassination attempts and government coupes. We know they all can’t be fake and there is so much media coverage of things that fall into the mainstream press that mind-wash most Americans and the world that a sliver of them might actually be true. Who knows except for the Illuminati, the Vatican and some world leaders (only the rich and powerful ones).

So where do we stand now? We have the Clinton propaganda machine busy burying the dead and erasing hard-drives across the interwebs and we have the boisterous, bigoted and bloated Trump camp who can’t seem to make heads or tails of the GOP mission and what really is the truth or the lie. At least Trump doesn’t go back on his statements like 99.9% of politicians who stick their penis in the fire and decide it might be too hot or too inappropriate for the general masses. Sorry, with the exception of Hillary Clinton who might actually have a penis, but little balls to stand up to the indiscretions that she may or may have not done. It’s the media whirlwind that keeps Trump agonizing about the liars in the press and the manipulative media that distorts every well intended intention.

Alright, we know that’s bullshit and everything the media prints, projects and reports is true – or at least as true as they want you to see. It must have been fun at the turn of the century (not the last one, but the one before) when the only news were the stories that made the media moguls money and built empires across this great land. William Randolph Hearst must be laughing in his fiery rosebud grave at how Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes and the corporate media machines can so fine tune the minds of Americans with ballistic bullshit and mindless distractions. Look SQUIRREL!

Right, so we’re not saying everybody is the same and feeds on the mindless swill that clogs up every aspect of broadcast television, newspapers and the digital world; but we think if the majority believe it, it must be real… right? So where to vent? Who really reads this stuff? Is it something that a small matter can become the largest of trivial unedited Kardashian crap? You guessed it… yes it can! Do you really like seeing pictures of asses three times the size of their bodies and think it looks good? You’re a fat ass – that’s right, people used to call them a FAT ASS, and not as a compliment.

But we veer off topic as we sometimes do to bring us to the real story. The story of the day. The unedited story of the year! Maybe even the century! When the hell did everything become flavored?

“What”, you may ask yourself? Let’s start with a simple thing… vodka. A few years ago the only vodka you could buy was vodka that tasted like vodka. If you didn’t like the taste of vodka, you added some tonic, maybe some lime, or orange juice or cranberry. Now, skip the mixer and go strait for the triple distilled whipped cream vodka with chocolate and pumpkin spice to wash it down. What happened to the real men (and women) that drank vodka not because the liked the taste of it, but because it fucked you up! Now you can get your buzz on with mango fruit and black pepper. No need for that gently stirred martini with a hint of vermouth? What happened to sipping Smirnoff out of the bottle until you puked up things you don’t remember eating? Those days are over – except for the puking part… we’re sure some of you might still be working on that one.

To make a long story longer, it’s not just vodka. Oreo’s are now available in 16 different flavors from Swedish Fish to Chocolate Chip and birthday cake. I don’t know about you, but if I wanted a chocolate chip cookie, I would eat a chocolate chip cookie, not a freakin’ Oreo – Oreo’s are meant to taste like Oreo’s. Everything from cigars to milk comes in flavors for the un-discerning palette. We’ve flavored, seasoned, manipulated and mangled so many different perceptions we don’t know what real is anymore – and we can understand why… it’s because we’ve been told that is what is good and because we believe it. The media and monsters have fabricated our comfortable little world and expect us to live in and on it. Good luck. I’m going back to my bottled water and organically grown vegetables which are supposed to be sustainable and good for me because I don’t know if the FDA made the GMO’s real and just didn’t tell everyone.

So when the zombie apocalypse ravages your brain and turns you into a mindless wondering creature that can only live by sucking the brains of the unsuspecting, we’ll be here and don’t say we didn’t warn you. We did.

Cruel Word was hacked!

After years of posting about political, social and racial commentary, the www.CruelWord.com website was hacked by (we believe) the Russians or Chinese – who quite possibly might have been the perpetrators . Who knows? Does it really matter. After WikiLeaks, the NSA and Edward Snowden… it’s all the work of conspiracy theorists and the government.

For now, all historical content is gone and not to be recovered. So now we move on…