USA COVID-19: Panic buying to Shit Themselves

What happens when the world pandemic happens? Americans raise the bar for panic buying. Ironic? No. Stupid… Not if you want to set the example for the world that Americans are shitting themselves over the news. Amazing that with all of the problems around the world that the one thing Americans believe they need in […]

Wuhan virus outside China – SARS is Back!

It’s happening again! This time instead of Canada and the SARS scare of the early part of the 21st Century, it’s China, it’s in humans and it’s contagious and can be spread between humans. It has now spread to Thailand and Japan. The sky is falling… much like the Ebola Virus scare in Africa, this […]

Iran – Iran So Far Away

Well… unless you’re from the 80’s or nostalgic for that time, the title doesn’t make much sense. But in today’s political turmoil, it makes sense to being it back to the forefront. Does it make sense to make fun of a country that has potentially the nuclear capability to destroy its neighbors and send the […]

What The Hell? Someone Out There Doesn’t Like You!

It’s going on 10 years and you would think we would have learned out lesson a few times ago… For months the website has been down because of reasons that can only be explained as intentional dismantling of the posts meant to bring enlightenment and opinion to the world. Yes… we we’re hacked again! […]