Iran – Iran So Far Away

Well… unless you’re from the 80’s or nostalgic for that time, the title doesn’t make much sense. But in today’s political turmoil, it makes sense to being it back to the forefront. Does it make sense to make fun of a country that has potentially the nuclear capability to destroy its neighbors and send the world into chaos? Sure. So let’s delve into a few of the crazy Iranian history lessons with the United States and around the Middle East that have led us to the predicament we are in today.

Over thousands of years the tension in the mid eastern countries has gone on from barbaric and torturous to monumental and spiritual. Run forward another thousand years an get your history from Lawrence of Arabia, then maybe you can see where the in-fighting and tribalism came from until the white imperialists stuck their nose into their world and wanted to take over, divide and section off years of history and somewhat misunderstood confusion.

So how did we get here? Greed? Power? Oil? Gold? Money and Power… all of the above. Oh, yea… forgetting religious and world domination…. NOT!

Whether you call it a HOLY WAR or WWIII, it shouldn’t really matter. Idealists and imperialists set on world domination through deception, lies, torture and covert operations in countries around the world with the intent to destroy those who disagree with their ideology is the basis for what this is all about. And don’t think We’re only talking bout one side of the fence here… its’ every side. Think about that for a minute… every side. Do you really think fences only have 2 sides? Sure, we get it… one side keeping the other side out or able to go to the other side, but there is truly more to it than most everyone sees.

U.S. Defense Secretary: We expect Iran ‘will retaliate’

And they do… rockets flying in the dark of night… bombs exploding in plain sight… death and destruction from glorious intention. What is the next fight that can bring the brink of destruction to the forefront of everyone’s lips? Maybe IMPEACHMENT? Why not? Squirrels! If you’re not looking in the right direction than you are looking at the only distraction that feeds the curiosity of deception and enlightenment. How much more can you take? I know we’re looking forward toward the impending distractions… can’t wait.

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