Pandemic Election Scares Liberals and Socialists

We all knew it was coming… we saw it written in the yellow snow! (BTW- don’t eat the yellow snow) The USA has another monumental election in 2020 and those who oppose the conservative right wing political machine (1/2 of the country) believe socialism, free healthcare and education for all will solve the world problems and make America Great Again (even though the slogan is from the other side). Millennials and the new Wannabe Generation that gloats a Greta Thunburg is the new climate change guru and Bernie Sanders IS the right person to lead the young people to a world of equality and sameness that puts everyone on the same field at the same time.

Do we not see that the problem with this is? DO we not see how sameness and equality diminishes the possibility of success and failure. Get real. Are we all the same? Hell no. Are we all equal? What are you nuts? Do you not believe that some people are smarter than others and that some people actually deserve their i;;-chosen lot in life? Can every middle-class high school drop-out become a millionaire? Sounds like a great idea, but be realistic and stop smelling the roses… it’s not going to happen no matter who you elect into power. Power corrupts and if it does not, it leaves those with the power more in control over those who have no clue as to how the real world works.

Can real change happen? Sure it can… but if you truly believe that one person can be the salvation of mankind, go ask the Christians how that worked out… or maybe the Jews… hell… even check in with the Muslims who still struggle to be understood after hundreds of years. So what is the solution? Unfortunately maybe we should ask the conspiracy theorists who question the validity of Elvis, Aliens, JFK, 9/11 and pyramids in the Antarctic. Real? Fake? Or just a ruse to distract us from every day life and the craziness we’re not really supposed to see.

The tipping point for politics and for the pandemic are just around the corner. Are the fears of complete inhalation worse than anything that can be muddled together as sameness? Everybody is equal… everybody dies… everybody breathes air and has to eat (even if you have no food), so what is the answer. Politicians will promise the world or offer pieces of the world that pander to the crowds of worshipers that can put votes in election boxes or a chicken in every pot. It’s embarrassing that even somewhat intelligent people can be twisted to think differently because they “think” it can have a benefit for them or their cause. Is any deed truly selfless? Do you not get satisfaction in providing help to the homeless or donating to a cause that is thousands of miles away because a teary-eyed wannabe can drum up enough support to become the fleeting moment of popularity. GO FUND ME some free money with a great scam that everyone might believe – and if you question the reality or honesty or credibility then maybe they will change their minds and disappear with the cash and hide form the masses on their newly christened yacht and isolated mountain retreat.

We can only hope! Unfortunately in the realm of reality, everyone else still has to get up for work, pay the bills and get on with life while panicking over whether the end of the world is really coming, if the Corona virus is real and if the President is going to blow up the universe with nuclear weapons because it “seemed like a good idea at the time”. WE guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this pans out… again.


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