Back To The Real Political Circus – Who Can Out-Lie The Other

The heart of deceit and lies

After a while, the words just all run together and the firestorm of variations just dull the senses. It doesn’t matter which side you support (even if your side isn’t considered part of the race), the illusion of truth always seems to float to the surface – and for some reason, nobody can see through the stacks of lies that lead to winning an election. Maybe its been the growth of the of the nations electoral system of the past 150 years or maybe just what took place in the last 75, but there is more to the story than anyone sees. It’s on purpose.

Under the guise of all do-goodery, the Clinton’s figured out how to live comfortably while making millions. CHARITY! What else tugs at the heartstrings more than malnourished African kids with flies crawling all over them? American kids living in poverty in the inner city and starving in the suburbs should only matter to the government, not the tax free charities that collect millions and share less than 25%. Public speeches and private gatherings add to the coffers and feed the rich. Just like the political fundraising machine attracts the wealthy and influential, the charity mongers prey on the middle class and underprivileged to fuel their CEO and bloated salaries.

It’s the way it has been for hundreds of years and probably back to ancient times where you could buy your influence and the more you can spend the more influence you could have. Who sits better at the right hand of the king? Well, maybe not king, but Senator, Governor, Mayor, School Board Member, Commissioner or President; with great power comes great wealth. But the real question is: “Who can you trust with your donation?”

Just ask each candidate and they all (well, except maybe Bernie Sanders) will confide that they have accepted large donations (sometimes millions of dollars) from countries and people you might never have imagined. So why would the Clinton Foundation accept money from Saudi Arabia, UAE and countries in question of moral, religious and ethical standing? Countries that are known to have violated the rights of every human in the name of religion and nationality still contribute money for the change of influence and relational power.

Let’s not forget Trump (“The Donald”) who built his wealth on the backs of those he could step on. Real Estate mogul? Tycoon? Entrepreneur? Not at all… scam artist… possibly. If you listen to Trump he will tell you how great hes really is… why wouldn’t he? He built his brand around himself. Who would you rather treat better? Just because he’s a business man and not technically a politician, everyone seems to think he’s more on “honest” train the the rocket ride to bribery hell. Are you NUTS? Do you know how many contractors you have to bribe and city officials you have to discreetly buy influence? Just ask Trump? Do you really think a hotel in Atlantic City gets built without greasing the wheels of the machine?

in conclusion…

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump know the system and how it works. We bet they even know some of the loopholes and un-written laws that allow the rich to continue to get rich and the poor to beg from charities. It’s a vicious circle that appears to have no end. With limited choices available and what seems like an unavoidable battle between Clinton and Trump, it’s not very refreshing to know when it comes down to it… these are your only choices. With an estimated 324.3 Million people living in the United States (data courtesy:, this is the best we can do? It seems like it may be the worst we can do or that the rest of the population is to smart to even think about running for president. Nawww… Can’t be.