USA COVID-19: Panic buying to Shit Themselves

What happens when the world pandemic happens? Americans raise the bar for panic buying. Ironic? No. Stupid… Not if you want to set the example for the world that Americans are shitting themselves over the news.

Amazing that with all of the problems around the world that the one thing Americans believe they need in a time of crisis is soft, pillow-like clouds to wipe the stinky leftovers away. And lots of it… So much so that outages and shortages are the new standard. Even weeks after the news of the COVID-19 panic reached the US, solid citizens are still panic buying and keeping all of the goods to themselves. WE’re not just talking toilet paper here, we’re talking about essentials for some and necessities for others. Sure, sp we need 15 bags of potato chips and 30 boxes of cookies? Maybe for a family of 10 with diabetes, but not your average person. Okay… maybe stress buying leads you to get an extra bag of extra-crunchy fat laden shaved potatoes, but really? How much do you really need.

Some stores have gone as far as NOT accepting returns on items bought during panic buying frenzies. Well done! We can see it now…. “No ma’am, we cannot take back your expired double stuffed wafer cookies and 40 lbs of premium chicken breast because you can’t eat it fast enough…. poor people are still starving while you let your meat rot.” NO WONDER YOU NEED ALL THAT TOILET PAPER!

It never ceases to amaze how the mentality of the collective world turns to idiotic mayhem when implied panic grips the nation. Again, we spoke of this months ago and it is interesting to see just how the world is changing because of it. Who knows what is next…. when the next pandemic hits, who knows what will be the first choice for personal salvation… DEPENDS.

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