Who owns the music? Beats, Clips, Samples, Oh My!

It’s becoming more and more to the forefront… who owns the music… who owns the beat, the riff, the groove? Problem is, now it is getting real! Who recorded it first? Who has the rights? Who is the right person we can contribute and make them believe that we have and are the greatest thing that has ever happened to the life of human existence. Not us… but there is something that needs to be addressed… the real contribution to music and We’re not saying just beats, but real music…. now don’t get offended…..

ALMOST ALL of Modern Popular Music (Hip-Hop & Pop) is sampled. Surprise! Sure, there may be session musicians who are used to fill a void or enhance the machine sounding drones of synth and sampled recordings, but the majority of the sounds heard are not original or unique. If you believe they are, then maybe you’re hearing the different variations of the sounds that have already been created and not listening to the structure of the composition, Even vocals from your favorite singes are polished through AutoTune or another device that flavors the pitch, timber and resonance. Sure, maybe the words and rhymes themselves are the defining characteristic of the composition, but even some of them bend toward trite or words that spark outrage or emotion based on the words themselves and not the poetic resonance of the context.

This is not to say that real music isn’t being created in every part of the word, but it is true that the popularity of chart topping and earbud streams that turn tattoo faced wannabes into multimillionaires. How many other beat stealing, chord ripping and and tone robbing “so called” artists will get the next praise of the critics or “originality” when the majority of what is being created is not original or creative.

It’s unfortunate that sometimes the only real music these days can be heard in clubs and small venues that feature real people playing real instruments together. Sure…. we get it… samples and computers have taken over the world and times must change, and ever since the synthesizer’s invention samples have been added to music, but with purpose.

And yes… the world has to contend with the generations that follow the masses and choose to pander to the rhythmic reproduction of innovation so much so they cannot discern the truth from the sampled reproduction. It is true. Maybe it is a bit of nostalgia or the deep needed desire to crank the amp to 11 and blow away the masses with walls of Marshall stack amps… maybe it is the true vocal patterns of singers and not the over produced and washed drones in perfect pitch that long for the days of broken vocals and wavering voices made the nuances seem more real. Whatever may come, be prepared for the next wave of lawsuits claiming the hottest chart toppers stole the beats and rhythms from some underpaid struggling musician who without help could never be able to sue the dozens of lawyers backing the hit makers. No wonder … no wonder.


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